MREs and Freeze Dried Foods
MREs or Meals Ready to Eat are the ideal food, whether you are hiking, camping, survival or military training, planning for a power outage, disaster or emergency, tailgating, scouting, creating long term food supplies or stocking up your basement, RV, or boat. MREs are delicious and high in nutritional value.

MREs and freeze dried and dehydrated foods that are specially formulated to be stored for long periods of time without going bad- up to 30 years in some cases. MREs are shelf stable and require no refrigeration. You can eat MREs directly from the pouches or heat them up. Some have an included self heating element. Freeze dried and dehydrated food require you to add water to reconstitute them.

At you will find a wide variety of MREs for sale, from military grade MREs to commercial grade ones. If you are looking for wholesale MRE prices, you can buy your meals by the case to save money on shipping and to get bulk pricing.

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